LXRY Tea 375mL Classic Flavor (4 Pack)
LXRY Tea 375mL Classic Flavor (4 Pack)
LXRY Tea 375mL Classic Flavor (4 Pack)

LXRY Tea 375mL Classic Flavor (4 Pack)

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  • Artisanal Brewed Sweet Tea

  • Uncompromising selectivity of full bodied loose leaves and other finest ingredients for the ultimate treat

  • Brewed for a bold and rich taste

  • Never sacrificing quality, always using all natural premium ingredients


  • Top Grade Loose Leaf Black Tea, Ceylon True Cinnamon Sticks, Whole Cloves, and Brewed in Spring Water


  • Bold and Sweet, Smooth, Notes of Spice




A blend of the finest loose leaf black tea leaves brewed with Ceylon Cinnamon, Sweetness, and Spices producing a bold specialty taste


Flavor Profile

Sweet sophisticated flavor with notes of spice 


Food Pairing Recommendations

Hot baked bread, caprese salad, Caesar salad, bruschetta, tapas, margherita pizza, penne pasta, filet mignon, New York strip steak, barbecue, fried calamari, honey glazed salmon, tzatziki gyro, French onion soup, sweet rolls, banana pudding, creme brulee, cinnamon churros, apple pie, deep fried doughnuts. 

The universal flavor that can be paired with almost anything.


More Info

Material: Glass

Finish: Screw Cap

Serve: Chilled

Store: Refrigerate immediately when received

Form: Liquid

Serving size: 8oz wine glass pour

Servings per Bottle: 2

Sugar: 20g

Calories: 100

Alcohol content: 0 Alcohol

Caffeine: Low